Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have not blogged in quite some time. Which, really, is a good thing. No blogging means I have better things to do or that the things I'm doing aren't very interesting. It's been a bit a both.

The news of the time is that I have officially quit my job and have been hired as a full time hotel reservations coordinator in downtown St Paul. Woofreakinghoo. I'm moving home : ) While I already miss the community of road warriors that I have been in, I am excited for this change and can only hope that those relationships I have built this past year will survive. I'm thrilled about the idea of having my own place (working on an artist loft in St Paul...90% sure it'll be mine next week!!!), having a job where I have set hours and expectations, and being close to the people who matter most. I will of course miss the travel. But the silver lining of all this is that the next time I go somewhere it'll be somewhere I really WANT to go to, for the amount of time I want.

Subsequently, from this life change, will come a blog change. This blog will now be more focused on my art and community I will become a part of. Please stay tuned : )

On a side note, not that it has anything to do with this disjointed post, I'm watching the documentary The Rape of Europa. It's quite fascinating how many treasures were destroyed by those evil Germans (I can say that, I'm German) and how many were saved by selfless people. It's very interesting, check it out if you can!