Friday, February 19, 2010


Being the new girl at work is an interesting experience. It’s like walking into high school, half way through Junior year, and trying to figure out, not only who the popular kids are, but who to avoid, and none of the regular rules apply. The one with all the power could be the tall woman in chunky heels with 80s hair and thick eyeliner, or the somewhat mousey lady with mom like hair and a very unsupportive undergarment. The office biotch usually is the woman who most resembles a nice grandmother, who, once you get to know her looks like she may sprout pointed teeth and bloodshot eyes if you don't say "yes" to her every demand. One must use her best judgement to decide who to kiss up to and who to give crazy attitude to.

In the corporate world, it’s the little things that matter. The little things include: having a comfortable chair, being within arms reach of candy, and learning the art of sly internet searching. Most people wouldn’t think of this, but when you’re sitting at a computer for 8 hours straight (well, ok 2 10 minute breaks and 1 30 minute lunch get to interrupt the 8 hours a bit) your butt better be sitting on something supportive YET plush. I lucked out BIG TIME at my new job, getting to sit on a Herman Miller chair….is like heaven for my tush and back. And when those customers who are either really old or really stupid who just really REALLY try my patience, I lean back in my Herman Miller chair and sigh, wishing that I could hang up on them.