Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still coming along...

Decisions, decisions. I hate these decisions. After a wonderful and much needed crit/art talk tonight, I am faced with more of them. The thought of when to stop was a major theme. Take this piece for example. The bust is almost complete, the figure is getting there, the face is close to done (just needs hair and eyebrows, my least favorite part), and yet the background is entirely schizophrenic. On one hand, I could furnish this room...painstakingly so, so there's no real room for interpretation. The style is completely uniform and the viewer doesn't have to think much. OR. I could leave it a little more open for interpretation, add some visual interest without adding too much. But this could look sloppy. So...the question is, how will it succeed? How much is too much? How little is too little? When will I truly be done with any of these?!
...stay tuned.

Profile Pic!

Still working on the background, hair, clothes, etc.... But done with the face. Best face yet, I think:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Selfportraitist

My inspiration for this piece is the all too familiar MySpace or Facebook profile picture. Since everyone now is a photographer with their digital cameras and iPhones, some take it upon themselves to find their most flattering taking picture upon picture of themselves, altering the contrast in photoshop and coming up with the perfect, sexiest, most alluring picture of yourself. I would say most of us are guilty of at least doing this once... Perhaps VanGogh and Kahlo are the most well known painters who would do this same thing. So taking the well known 3/4 face pose, and adding the familiar arm out needed to snap this's a very rough draft of my new piece:
Now...what kind of hair to give her? I'm thinking emo...

Friday, September 10, 2010


Referencing art history is a huge part of my series. So for my portrait of a rich housewife, I based my composition and pose on Venus and Olympia. These pantings have different types of women, different messages, but seen through the scope of a time are very similar. I hope to bring yet another type of woman to this pose. The obvious sexuality speaks for itself. But this housewife is not a symbol, a goddess, or a hooker. She *could* be any of these things...but above all, she is a real person in 21st century America. Which, in essence, is what I'm trying to communicate. Visual aids:

Venus of Urbino - Titian
Olympia - Manet
And mine :)
G-rated close up : )
It's so hard to photograph oil paintings...especially one this big. This painting is 6.5' x 4' It looks much better in person. So come see it! Art Crawl Oct 8-10!

Now What?

Alright. So here he is. He's done. One problem, what to do with the background? Is this why art professors always stay to work on the whole piece at the same time?
Anyway, here he is in all his Ed Hardy glory:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Almost Done

Gorilla Juicehead Guido? He's coming along!