Monday, June 27, 2011


This past Friday, I visited a highly ranked school of art. My initial motivation for this was to see the facilities and get some one-on-one action with someone of influence in the program. These things were accomplished. This was not all. It ignited a passion inside of me. A passion that leads me to roll my eyes and question why am I doing this. Why? The answer, is, of course, because I need to. Yet, then, as I was so painstakingly reminded when signing into this damned internet site that keeps records of dates and such, why have I not touched a pencil or a brush since April?


So, as a great friend and teacher said: "Shut up and make something" - did I get that quote right, Alonso??


I'm in the beginning processes of a collaborative body of portraits (much much more to come of that) but for now, I was recently persuaded to conquer my fear and past failures with watercolor. 6 hours of driving yesterday listening to some inspiring music, I got this image courtesy of Lissie. It's a little rough, but it's a first attempt.