Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Concept album/painting in series

I love music.  There are few moments in my life in which there isn't music playing at least in the background.  It's a legitimate enjoyment, passion-fueling, inspiring love.  Only sometimes is it white noise or distraction, as I pay too much attention to the sounds for it to count as these things.  Now that I've proven beyond reasonable doubt that I love of my favorite things an artist can do is release a concept album.  The idea that each song isn't just a beautiful mix of poetry, melody, harmony, rhythm, etc, but that each song fits into a specific theme, story, feeling, time.  Sgt. Pepper's, OK Computer, The Suburbs, Hazards of Love, everything by Sufjan Stevens, etc....AFFECTIVE.

This might be one of the reasons that I'm a serial painter.  I feed my ADHD side with small illustrations or commissioned pieces here and there, on the side, but I always have a series I'm working on.  I believe that series(es?), or albums, allow the artist to delve deeply into a concept and give it the time/attention it deserves while presenting an opportunity to achieve cohesion in style and narrative.  It is also an exercise in determination and evolution.  Some concepts fall flat after 2 pieces, while some could carry on for many albums/series.  Working in this way requires forethought and conceptual congruency - there has to be an answer to why.

My current series (see previous blogs for more) is coming along well.  Slowly, but well, and, you can't hurry love.  My mind usually works millions of steps before my body, but the physical process of painting always brings me back to the struggle and beauty I'm needing to communicate.  Which brings me to #5 of the series; finished:
5, 30"x30," oil on canvas

Face detail