Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Medicated - coming along!

I thought I'd give you a glimpse at my inspiration for this piece, which is "Sick Girl" by Christian Krohg. I love her face and expression, and I love the texture of the paint:
For mine, I do want to focus on the expression of emptiness and exhaustion. I also do want to keep some of the original sketch style that I had (see last post). Things are coming right along, and I'm working on how to make that looser style closer to my own.
And further progress on the face (I'm afraid to touch the hands because I love them how they are now..we'll see what happens):

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year, new painting

Guess December wasn't a very productive month for me. Yikes. Well after being stagnant for a while, I'm trying to shake it off, and start something. Life has changed in many ways, and I'm moving at the end of this month into another apartment, but this time with a roommate, who also happens to be an artist. So let's hope this only helps with the production...if someone has a cure for laziness, please pass it on.

The new one I started last night is visually quite a departure from my usual style. I decided not to sketch in pencil as I usually do, but go right for the paint. Everything was done at one time, which is why it's fairly monochromatic and ... well, green tinged skin isn't attractive on I'll be toning that down, no worries :) This started as "The Hypochondriac" after watching Pride & Prejudice and Synecdoche, NY pretty close together. Both with major characters with many ailments and remedies. I realized, that the pose was more of that of an addict hiding yet painfully exposing their vice. So it may be changed to a different substance or possibly none at all. "The User" or "The Medicated" may end up being a better stereotype for this painting. Anyway, here's the outline:I'm really enjoying the German Expressionism look of it for now, but obviously this will change - well, maybe only a bit.
Another stray note...for the painters who read this, have you ever used the "Indian Red" color by Winsor & Newton? The pigment is so strong, that the touch of red I was going to use turned into a lot of red. Good and bad at the same time I guess.