Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Merlin's Rest

Located on 36th Ave S and Lake Street in Minneapolis is Merlin's Rest. While from the outside, it's easy to miss, and if you do notice it, the judgement may be made that its a hole in the wall. Then you are pulled by curiosity or thirst to go inside, and you find an authentic British pub, most likely with a few fiddlers in the corner or possibly an episode of Dr Who projected. It is quite possibly the best British pub in the cities (minus the fact that they won't make my favorite chips and cheese, guess Brit's is good for something). The atmosphere is what makes them. The service is wonderful, friendly, and laid back. If you're looking for a place to get "trashed, man" and rowdy, please go elsewhere. Merlin's Rest is for the groups of friends coming for conversation, the low maintenance date, those looking to be entertained by a talented band and enjoy a delicious Shepherd's Pie and a Guinness.

We have become quite the regulars there, as Jesse lives a few blocks away, so when we read the advertisement for their Valentine's Day special, we made the plans. Not being much of a romantic couple, not really into the pretension of expensive small portions, dozens of roses and other expensive temporary trinkets, this was perfect for us. The special included 3 courses for 2 for $35.00. For the price, you might have been skeptical, but the food was GREAT. The salad was good, the salmon I had was great with the most amazing green beens prepared in almond oil. Jesse had the chicken stuffed with mushrooms, and that was wonderful as well. *for you Veggies, they also offer a completely vegetarian menu option all the time* The tiramisu was homemade, served in a martini glass, and really quite good. The food was wonderful, the service quick and friendly and the price was perfect. I hope more people learn of the charm of Merlin's Rest! *Just not too many, I don't want to have to wait outside for a table....*

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