Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2 - 3 Hours

Sunday - Today I had the pleasure of seeing Jeff Sorensen's glass works in person.  He is one talented and hard working guy; seeing the size and variety of his pieces was truly inspiring.  Also, after a much needed trip to Utrecht, I was able to size some canvases that have been patiently waiting for a coat or two.

Soundtrack - Jeremy Messersmith (The Reluctant Graveyard), The National (High Violet - x2 #obsessed)

Piece worked on - Ahmad

More than one opinion was shared with me to STOP NOW on this face, and, luckily, I felt the same way.  So I did very minimal correcting today and I promise, I oath, I swear on Dior that I will not touch it ever again.  Now is the task of matching styles for his hands & legs, which I think I'm handling pretty well.  I haven't felt this good about a piece in a long time.

Again, apologies for the poor photographs:

shadows. love shadows.

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