Saturday, October 11, 2014

Show Me Your Feet

(please excuse poor cellphone picture quality)

I experienced a spiritual healing not long ago.  It was an interesting and beneficial experience.  One thing that really stood out to me was the importance to be, feel, and remain physically grounded.  When exploring the figure and how it relates to the subject matter that I'm focusing on, grounding interested me.  The lichen just may be the grounding agent in this case.  There's no physical ground seen, but gravity and weight can be seen/felt in the feet/legs.  The binding, invasive lichen are anchoring this figure to the invisible ground, which, conceptually, represents acceptance.  This being is unable/unwilling/reluctant to fight the grounding.  Positive or negative?  Not sure.

Side note : this may be the happiest I've been with a painting in a long time.  I actually think that I've (finally) married my two favorite painting styles, successfully.  This is a personal breakthrough; feeling prideful of a piece is a new, strange, wonderful feeling.  Feeling validated.  Feeling good.

Soundtrack : Elliot Smith - Figure 8, Dry the River - Shallow Bed, Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine

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