Saturday, April 11, 2009

Iceberg, right ahead!

The coolest thing in Branson (which is a very competitive title to hold) is definitely the Titanic Museum.  Pictured here, it is at 1/2 scale, just hanging out on the strip.  However, as you can see, the Titanic's butt fell off?  On the other side of the building it's a warehouse sticking out the side.  So really, it's 1/8 of the Titanic.  Upon entering, you get a boarding pass with an actual passenger's name/info (at the end you get to find out if you lived or died).  Inside, they have artifacts and photos taken of the ship/voyage.  People's individual stories are written along with their specific artifacts.  There are 2 scale models which were really amazing.  One of the models was the front half as it is now at the bottom of the Ocean--this model was actually made for the movie.  Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures :-(  You walk up that grand staircase that Jack and Rose meet at in the movie, it's to scale, and it's really surreal!  The guides told us that the one in the movie was actually built bigger than scale because the actors were taller than the passengers.  Apparently there was not one person about 5'7" on the actual Titanic!  Crazy shorties...  Also, they had a simulation where you walked "out on the deck" and it was cold and you could see the iceberg in the distance.  Not bad, Branson.  Katie and I went immediately to WalMart and bought the movie.  


  1. I LOVE that they have the iceberg as well! We saw Rose's red beaded dress at Underwater World, there is no way that woman was near 5'7" is very cool that they paid that much detail to scaling the stairway appropriately, I like that. I'm thrilled that the potentially cheesiest site was actually pretty cool =) Safe journies tomorrow!

  2. Oh yeah and remember how everyone said that Kate WInslet was fat in that movie? It had her actual costumes and stated that she's a size 4. Yeah...

  3. I'll never let go, Jack! Two weeks : ) I also remembered that I failed to call you on Friday when I left work.... I am a failure at friendship. If I call you tonight when I leave work can I redeem myself? Love you!