Monday, April 27, 2009

Mystic Magic

I'm in Minnesota.  It's home & happy.  

My last week of training went by very fast.  I've made some very wonderful friends through training classes, and we've had many good times together!  Our parting was so bittersweet because I was SO excited to get home after being away for 5 weeks, but also, I know I won't see these friends for months or longer and I'm going to miss them so much!  I was glad that Amalis, Kisha, Kristy and I were able to have some time at the airport together before going home.  And Chewy the little rental car that was basically a go-cart with manual windows...he really made it through ;-).  I definitely enjoyed Maryland more this time!  And I was getting ready to be home for one day and then go to New Hampshire.  But then...Mystic Lake Casino & Hotel in Prior Lake, MN came up on my schedule.  It was still tentative so I didn't freak out but inside I was doing a HUGE happy dance.  

I went home, had a wonderful night being greeted warmly by the boy and the kitty.  Saturday morning I got to FINALLY meet my new niece, Little Lyra.  She's so tiny and warm and babyish and beautiful!  It was so good to see Kat, John & the kids--I miss playing with them!  I had lunch with Adina at Punch Pizza (SO GOOD!) and we walked around Grand Ave. which made me just want to move into a cute overpriced apartment immediately.  I got to see Caity while finishing up the old NE apt, which was really good.  Then Jesse and I headed to Shane's new place, in the Tilsner Building in Lowertown St. Paul.  DROOL.  Screw Grand, I'm moving there in a year.  It is AMAZING.  I've always loved that building and wanted to live there, but, seeing what Shane did with the space was wonderful.  We ended up eating dinner at Sweeney's with the ol' crew ;-) and then headed to Lindsay's birthday party at Bali on Eat Street.  It was an action packed wonderful day.  

Sunday was super laid back and filled with more family time, errands, and movies :-)  It's really weird to only be home a few days out of the month.  You don't really have time to get your finances under control, repack or do laundry.  I watched the Punisher War Zone finally, and loved it.  It's super gory...almost excessively so...but Ray Stevenson was great as the punisher, and Dominic West is such a chameleon--listening to him do that New York mobster accent was just strange!  I also watched the Reader (after Jesse fell asleep watching baseball, I hung out with Shannon) which was fantastic.  It was a very accurate adaptation from the book, and since I really enjoyed the book, I was very happy about this.  The acting was superb...and Kate Winslet.  I just adore her.  

Monday through Friday, I'm at Mystic Lake.  I took a taxi here early this morning and am shadowing/doing support here while they're upgrading their system.  I was a little freaked that I'd have to do overnights because the upgrade starts after night audit.  But then I find out they start at 2 AM and it takes hours, and it's all remote until after the upgrade is complete.  So yipee!  This is going to be quite the easy week and I'm here with two wonderful seasoned installers.  I'm in a nice room here, it's a pretty fancy hotel, which is a nice change!  I'm far enough away from home that since I don't have a car it's kind of annoying.  I'm close but still far :-(  BUT I have wonderful friends like Adina who come and pick me up and take me shopping :-)  Becky just flew in so she met us at the Mall of America and we three former roomies had a wonderful night together!  

Here's to a good week close to home!  And a fun weekend ahead!  Let's hang out!!!


  1. YAYYY for you being home but I miss you princess!

  2. Cooper loves his phone, and it has been so good to see you!

  3. I am going to have a hard time saying goodbye to you!!!! Having you home makes it feel even more like home to me : )