Monday, May 4, 2009

Why it's good to be home...

I've been working at Mystic for a week, sandwiched by 2 weekends at home.  It was completely unexpected and wonderful.  I was super busy AND lost my cell phone, so a night of being able to see a lot of friends turned into a more intimate gathering (which was really great, but I missed a lot of folks).  I got to spend time with my little niece Lyra and got to be present at her baptism.  SO happy I could be home for that!  Basically I'm just thankful for wonderful friends and fantastic family for supporting me.  Life is good.  And I am getting really excited for when I can move home again.  Although...I'm equally excited to go to Canada today :-)


  1. Distance definately makes the heart grow fonder...I'm finding myself really missing you today, it was so fantastic getting to see you and I'm overjoyed we could have you at Lyra's baptism!

  2. It really was wonderful, ay? (I'm trying to fit in in Canada) In all seriousness, I can't wait to babysit a few times a week again. I miss hanging out. Bleh. This weekend was perfect :-)

  3. I loooooooove this pic!! And you say you couldn't be on ANTM!!! You have perfected the art of copying facial expressions!! You give em what they want! Tyra would be proud!! Lol! Glad you had fun at home!!