Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pour on the CHEESE!

Branson is so cheesy.  I can't even explain how much they love the cheese.  About as much as they love patriotism.  At every show we've been to they always have a tribute to the veterans.  The crazy/cool thing is that at least half of the audience are veterans, and we should honor them.  I just am so not used to all the standing while singing cheesy music outside of church I guess.  
Today, Katie and I ventured out to the beautiful Ozarks to their theme park, Silver Dollar City.  It was a very well put together theme park.  And, although in my opinion it was very over-priced, it had the whole "theme" thing down while having variety for the whole family.  It was like being at a Renaissance Festival but with good roller coasters.  And I mean GOOD roller coasters.  Even with bronchitis I was able to really enjoy this!  Everything was themed as prairie-time, so they had an old school house along with mining/frontier themed rides.  There was a crazy house where the floors were at like 10-20 degree angles so it was really hard to walk around--trippy.  I've never seen so many redheads in one place in my life.  It was literally the land of strollers AND scooters.  I'm convinced that Branson doesn't teach women how to properly support their womanhood...maybe it's the lack of a Victoria's Secret anywhere near.  Anyway, the roller coasters, as I said, were great.  But...there were only 4 really good ones.  So what else did we do?  Well, what else would a Branson theme park have but...SHOWS!  Not just any magic or comedy shows you'd find at a theme park, but actual 30-45 minute long indoor shows (Branson style).  I've realized that this town is obsessed with Ireland, for there were at least 3 Irish themed shows there.  We saw Feet of Fire, which, one would think would be just Irish dancing, but there also was a harp tribute to Van Morrison and a very cheesy comedy routine by a (what I am assuming to be) fake Irishman in a sequined coat.  Then we saw a Peruvian dance show.  The dancers were all teens from Peru who didn't speak English.  The performance was apparently teaching us the history of Peru, but it was mostly just jumping around in different costumes.  It was, again, a very cheesy display.  BUT this one had heart.  You could tell that these teens really enjoyed the performance...and really, this is a way for them to see the world (well, it's a traveling show, so I'm hoping they're seeing more than Branson).  
It was a great way to spend the day. 

It still KILLS me when people reference this area as the Mid-West.  Poor Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago for being lumped in to this...

I just saw on the tv that Al Roker will be in Branson a week after I leave.  The tragedy! 


  1. LOL... you said, pour on the Cheese!

  2. Sounds like you have really found the place you belong. With all the redheads, sequins, Peruvians jumping around in costumes, and hangy boobs...... You must feel right at home!! Oh my goodness. You should get a tattoo that says "my heart belongs to Branson" on your bicep.

    Come HOME!!! : )

  3. wouldn't it suck if the poor Peruvians were stuck in Branson the whole time, spending their free hours in little cages in the back eating funnel cakes? Maybe the fake Irish would slip them a flask or two...

    I'm glad you liked the coasters and you have a good friend to hang with there. OH, and you might get to see cherry blossoms, I heard the blooming was delayed this year!