Tuesday, November 24, 2009

California, You're Such A Wonder That I Think I'll Stay In Bed

Oh Los Angeles. The city of the rich and deluded. I'm in a beautiful boutique hotel right off the 405 close to pretty much nothing. Without a vehicle in LA, you might as well be in Nebraska. Taking a walk, all I can see are walls of green keeping my middle class eyes from spotting someone who has enough money to buy privacy. Of course all this greenery causes a lovely smell in the air, so I can't complain too much. It's an attitude that matches the physicality of the city: inaccessible. After all, you have to be exclusive to be cool, right? I keep laughing to myself when I look at a map and realize that I'm pretty much in the neighborhood that Cher was supposed to live in in the movie Clueless. If only my daddy had bought me a Jeep so I could cruise around.....

The Getty Center is very close, so once I have a day off, I will be spending it there. Although I'm not sure how to get there, as I can see it from where I am, but its basically a mountain's height above me. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and no family in sight, I'm going to have to walk the 5 miles to somewhere and hope that somewhere has an open movie theatre or cheesy diversion to keep me from missing those I love.

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  1. hey now...you know that you can walk EVERYWHERE in LA, we did it! Oh, yeah, we couldn't walk the next day ; )

    I've always loved that about OC, too. You go to the fantastic Laguna Beach and get accosted by some naked man offering you weed...Venice is even better. Take it all as it comes, and make the most of it. The Getty HAS to have buses going there, or maybe it is worth the 10 minute taxi fare.

    Don't get too synical...unless you see a boobalicious blond jogging with her hair down and nary a bead of sweat...then feel free to hit her with your jeep =)