Thursday, November 26, 2009


I usually don't go all introspective on my blog, but I'm feeling the need to today. I was thinking this morning where I was last year at this time. I was working for RBC through a temp agency in a position that sucked all the will to live out of me. I had left a frustrating job for this better paying somewhat promising position that completely shattered my expectations (in a bad way) and added so much frustration to my daily life. Because of this I was not a happy person. Shortly before Christmas I was laid off and had a short stint at another job that interrupted a couple months of being unemployed. Then I got this position. This position which is not perfect, but is ok. This position that is forcing me to be away from home on Thanksgiving. But I am so much happier this year. Sure it is unbearable at times to be away, and yes, that does make me miserable. I have grown this year in ways that misery doesn't crush me anymore. I'm able to get through things and still enjoy life through it (for the most part). And regarding the relationships that I've kept (of course some have fallen through the cracks) I believe that they are deeper and more meaningful than ever before. So this year, while I don't get to be home for the holiday season (I'll get home a a couple days before Christmas), I can still be thankful for loved ones back home as well as the opportunities I have now that I didn't before.

...This growth doesn't take away the fact that I can't wait to be home and can't wait for next year when I can have a home to enjoy the holidays in : )

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