Sunday, November 28, 2010

1 More Done!

I made this goal for myself starting in February when I moved in to my new place. Application deadlines for MFA programs are in January and February and all need 20 finished pieces. For the first few months I didn't sweat it...I had all the time in the world. And now it's almost December...and I have 8 done. 8. So I realized the painful realization this weekend that I'm most likely not going to make my deadline. I know, I know, grad school isn't going anywhere, and it's fine to go a year later or a year after that or in 10 years. It's just a disappointing realization...that not only am I not going to make my goal but that I have another year of working jobs that I don't care about and am one more year further from my goal.

BUT - it feels good to have another one completed. So I'll focus on that feeling for now.


  1. 2012! Now you have time to perfect. And we can wait until summer to do the hipster/bike scene.

  2. love this one! i especially love much you can see of her expression ( or lack thereof). i think you might have something here, with painting close ups!


  3. This is so amazing! I love it!! I want to hang it in my house! I love her lifted! Good job!