Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's so easy to get discouraged

I'm not perfect (in many more ways than as a painter, but let's focus on that imperfection for now). I've always been pretty good at relating semi-realistically what I see in front of me on paper with pencil or paint. But it's never come easily. I measure, I draw, I erase, draw again, etc etc. I'm sure this is the case with the most artists....but there are sometimes when I just can't get it 100% right. And until that point, I'm frustrated beyond belief. The painting I last blogged about, I caught the first mistake pretty soon on and fixed it. Then there was just something wrong with the eyes...and I ended up pretty much trashing the left side of the face and starting over. Much has changed (well, I can tell...can you?) and it's still imperfect and I'm still frustrated. So here's what I have now -- and a previous stage to prove it's changed :)

This is the first draft I was happy with until I realized the axis of her face was totally off. And one eye was way off...although I did like the treatment and finished look of the eyes at this point.
And now. A better likeness to Ellen, but still completely unfinished and hopefully it'll all come together with a tad more detail. I couldn't be happier with the hair - the one constant (and for once, easiest part) positive of this process.

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