Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Big Show

Well, it finally came. The exhibition of all my hard work for the residency. There was a great turnout from the local art community and also my lovely friends from Buenos Aires. I had a wonderful time and, from what I could gather, people seemed to like the work and were asking questions about the concept - which, in my opinion means it was a very successful show! Unfortunately, as I was talking to people the entire night, I wasn't behind the camera much, so there are only a few pictures that I have....One man asked me if certain poses were based on certain animals. He identified them correctly and then explained that he's been working at the La Plata Zoo for years. He said, in reference to the Sleep piece, that he looked at it and immediately recognized the pose as the pumas he sees daily. Pretty damn cool.
And thanks to these guys for coming from the big city :)

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  1. How exciting!!! Your work is amazing, I am so happy for you to be experiencing this!