Monday, May 25, 2009

This Will Be The Norm

I had a flight at 10:14 from Flagstaff to Phoenix, then home from there.  Too bad US Airways overbooked my flight and the new girl who checked me in neglected to assign me a I was the lucky one who didn't have a spot on the plane.  They kept making the announcement that they'd give you a voucher, etc, if you volunteered, but apparently everyone wanted to get home as much as I did.  So I waited.  The lady originally said that I would be there until the next morning.  And since there was one gate at the Flagstaff airport, she was one of the only people working, and had to get people on the plane before helping me.  By the time she came back, yes I was pissed, but hiding it pretty well ;-).  After asking her to check the other airline partners they have for a flight, she said "I can't look at their inventory on the computer."  To which I replied, "well can you call them?!"  "yes, I guess I could" was her answer.  Wow.  It's so sad that if you're polite and respectful they try to screw you over.  They DID make it right though.  The only option to get me home the same day was to take a taxi to Phoenix and then fly Northwest back to MLPS.  The taxi ride would be 3 hours.  Yikes.  I was a little fearful of this, having been in many taxis that make me want to jump out of the moving vehicle.  However my driver, Uriah, was a great driver and very nice.  We talked the entire way about the environment and faith and humanity and well...everything.  We were very like souls at different places in our lives and had a very good conversation!  So I got to Phoenix feeling very blessed and happy, met only nice people on the way to the plane, and eventually got home!  Plus I did get a voucher for a free ticket.  Who wants to come visit?? :-)


  1. wait, a VOUCHER? Like, one that could take me from LA to Hawaii?!?!?!?!?!? ;)

  2. No unfortunately, continental US only :-( But if I'm ever in NYC or Vegas or something, there!!!!

  3. Hey, hey!! Save me that ticket!! I'll definitely come visit!! And a 3 hour taxi ride???!!! How much was that? I feel you on the taxi drivers! Good thing you had a good one... Remember mine that had a record for DUI???? WTF?!