Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Hawaiian Sunset

I guess I never really knew where Hawaii was. Well, I knew it was in the Pacific, yeah, duh. But who knew that it would take almost 10 hours of flying to get there? Not this girl. Crammed in the back of the plane behind a chick who couldn't even go 3 seconds without her chair back IN my knees (I really hate that...recline when you sleep if you must, not while you're reading...) and in the middle of a row full of a family. Kind of crazy, but not terrible. Sitting by a well behaved baby is quite entertaining. Plus I got to watch 2 terrible movies I would have never seen otherwise. Haha. When I finally got to Honolulu I had to wait for a flight to Kapalua in a non-air conditioned imaginary gate area. Yeah, I know. They kept calling for last call and finally a guy came and led us outside where we walked to the plane. Strange. One upset stomach later, I was in Maui. :-) I'm settled in a Villa overlooking a golf course (barf) and eventually the ocean is on the horizon. I'm sharing the villa with the girl that I'm shadowing, and it's quite accommodating for us both, and thankfully we get along, so it's like having a roommate again! There's not a fitness center open at this property until the end of June, but a coworker found a way to get us into a very exclusive $25/day gym :-) So yes, I'm working out every day and have my own kitchen so I can cook. Woopwoop. Now I have to figure out what I can afford while I'm here. Cheerios are $8 here just to put it into perspective. And every fun adventure like thing to do is in the hundreds. So we'll see. I might just read a lot and not tan.

The most frustrating thing here is that I'm 5 hours behind everyone I want to talk to. So when I wake up, people are on their lunch breaks, when I get off work, people are going to bed. I feel like I won't be able to talk to anyone the entire time I'm here! Except on weekends I guess... So expect a call on the weekend! And I'm so sorry if a text here or there wakes you up!

Oh and we have a pet gecko who lives under our kitchen table. It's so cute. Come visit, ok?

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  1. yay pet gecko and working out everyday! I was amazed at how expensive food was, too. Do you get a continental breakfast with the villa?

    Enjoy not tanning, and do at least one or two cool things you won't be able to do anywhere else, it will be SO worth it!

    Just keep the blog updated and we won't miss your phone calls!