Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Postcard Inn on the Beach, St Pete Beach FL

Postcard Inn on the Beach is a brand new renovated property in St Pete Beach, Fl.  You would never know that this used to be a run down Travelodge.  The design team took a vintage surf motif and ran with it.  The rooms were transformed from moldy carpet and floral bedspreads to 70s inspired funky luxury.  The inner courtyard is beautifully landscaped, including many casual sitting areas among the foliage.  The bar on the beach is a famous spot for the locals, but also makes for a great evening of people watching for visitors.  Wildwood BBQ is the NYC restaurant transposed in St Pete and it's pretty damn good!  The original BBQ sauce was really fabulous with the pulled pork.  All in all, if you're looking for a unique vacation spot with a warm staff, Postcard Inn is a good place to look!  

My last night in St Pete, I went to Jimmy B's Beach Bar nextdoor and really enjoyed the less than mediocre cover band.  It was annoying at first, but then after the obvious 40 year old burnout rocker songs were played, they went into even worse covers of that awful song "she was born to do the wild thing" and Jump Around.  The crowd there was loving on the band, dancing around and acting all Girls Gone Wild.  I must say it was a very appropriate send off.  I met some really awesome people there and definitely left with a much better impression than my first!  

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  1. you should have joined in the crowd, maybe you would've gotten in one of the Wild videos =)

    I'm glad you ended on a positive note...and interior pictures of the hotel please!