Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sloppy Pelican Loser Bug Paintings

Best burger of my life.  Medium-well grilled beef patty.  Melty provolone cheese.  Half of an avocado.  Lettuce, Tomato, and Pickle.  With garlic parmesan fries.  I'm so full, I hurt.  After a pretty stressful and long day at work, we headed down the beach to the Sloppy Pelican on St Pete Beach.  It's a bar/restaurant with a patio right on the water.  Fabulous service, good no frills food & drinks.  And some fabulously rich key lime pie for dessert.  PLUS you get to watch the sunset during your meal.  Just can't get any better.

Now that I'm bloated, I sit down on my bed to watch some tv.  The Biggest Loser is on, and of course, within moments I'm crying.  And feeling even more bloated than before.  Where is a personal trainer with crazy tasks for me to do?  Just then a bug walks by me on my bed (a big one) and I realize I have bigger problems than some extra weight right now...

Last night I had my first night of peace and quiet.  No noisy neighbors screaming.
For some reason I still couldn't sleep.  I think and think and think and somehow land on an image that I need to paint.  I want to paint.  It looks like a familiar face but in a style I have not fully explored.  Highly expressionistic.  Instead of trying harder to sleep, I pulled out my drawing materials that I travel with and got a pretty good first sketch of it.  Of course I didn't have a model to go off of, but I got down on paper the look I'm going for.  Then I could sleep.  Art is fun like that...sometimes it just demands your attention.  And thank goodness for that!


  1. I'm so jealous of that burger...and so happy you are able to do your art while on the road...and I think this is the best blog title EVER.

  2. You are my favorite : )

    A month from today, right?

    Miss you...

  3. Wow...that burger sound amazing! I love avacado! It is amazing how creativity just hits you at the weirdest times...glad you were able to catch it!