Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 25 - 4 Hours

Well look who has been doing a rubbish job of updating the blog?  This does NOT mean I haven't been painting...  The holiday weekend helped me get a few more hours in this weekend and I'm pleased to say that I have made some progress (albeit, not enough, but progress is progress, eh?).

Soundtrack - Ella Fitzgerald (Ella: Love Songs), Father John Misty (Fear Fun), Fiest (Let it Die), LCD Soundsystem (This is Happening)

Piece(s) worked on - Laurie; Ahmad

First, here's a picture of Luke's portrait (finished).  The glare is very annoying in the photo, but, alas, no new camera has been purchased, so glare will have to do for now.
Luke (finished)
I've been working on the portrait of Laurie for so many months...reworking, even restarting completely.  The frustrating/rewarding relationship of painting has truly manifested itself in this piece.  When Laurie was posing, she chose accessories and clothing from her incredible collection.  The necklace, crochet sweater and fur stole added important and challenging aspects to this portrait - leading to more time and failed attempts to truly depict them as intended.  I'm very happy with how those details have turned out.  Now to complete her amazing mane of hair...
Laurie - almost done!
My favorite bit in detail
I rarely post photos when the paintings are this rough, but I'm excited to try a more Francis Bacon inspired background for Ahmad's existential portrait.  Palette knifing and outlining.  Yes.
Ahmad - 2nd layer

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