Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8 - 3 Hours

Thursday - Today marks my half way point.  I officially have 10 pieces done and feel so good about it.  Yes, I'm still behind schedule, but - YES - 1/2 way there (livin on a prayer?).

Soundtrack - Sharon Van Etten (Epic), Washed Out (Within and Without), Woods (Bend Beyond)

Piece(s) worked on - Nik; Laurie; Luke.  I finally finished Nik.  The paint is too wet for a decent photo, but I'll post one soon.  I got more background work done on Laurie.  And started Luke.  Luke couldn't decide on a specific place that he identifies with, so he went with : everywhere.  So here's Luke in front of a green screen. 
a start
This was seriously the most fun I've had painting in a really long time.  There may be something to this loose and chunky style.  Regardless, for a first layer, I'm incredibly happy with it.
First layer done!
The wall of finished pieces is growing...Nik, in the middle, is finally done!

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