Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 2 & 4 - 7 Hours

Sunday - Besides the fact that I'm now 3 paintings behind schedule Things are moving along quite well.  I'm getting that all too familiar nothing-is-going-according-to-plan feeling which manifests in ADD.  Which means, I'm starting multiple paintings without finishing one.  At least I'm working, right?  Right.

Soundtrack - Jens Lekman (I Know What Love Isn't), Florence & The Machine (Lungs), Neko Case (Blacklisted; Middle Cyclone), Chromatics (Kill for Love), The Raconteurs (Broken Boy Soldier)

On Friday (in progress)
Piece(s) worked on - Sydnee; Luke; Sam; Ahmad

Sydnee is finished!  As her place was Lake of the Isles during a run, I needed the portrait to convey the sense of motion.  This gal is always on the move as well, so keeping that in mind, I needed her to be literally moving on the canvas. Easier said than done.  I'm very happy with the composition and blur-like look of her body.  This is a step in the right direction for me stylistically, and I hope to continue to hone this technique.  For now, it is done.  Goodnight.
Finished (for now)

The colors are truer in this close-up.  I really need a new camera.

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