Friday, July 17, 2009

Occupational Thoughts....

I'm home for a little bit, but unlike other times I've been home, the office is keeping me busy.  Frown.  Well, at least I get to spend my nights with my loves.  Being home makes me want to stay here.  I miss having an apartment.  I miss having a life.  It's really got me thinking what I want to do when I'm done running around.  My two major thoughts right now are: Massage Therapist or Doula (or both I guess).  A doula, if you're wondering, is a birth aid.  Depending on the needs of the mother, the doula could be present for the pregnancy, delivery and beyond.  You don't need a medical degree, but there are a lot of classes and much reading working up to this position.  I just can't think of anything more rewarding than playing the role of a sister or caring female to the woman who is bringing new life into the world.  This career choice would be really taxing on my personal life, but so is the job I have now ... :-P.  Massage therapy has always been something I've been interested in.  I've been thinking more and more about it though.  I would really rock at it.  I would have good music playing.  I would be able to massage with pressure.  And I could even pull a Phoebe, and just buy a massage table and do it on the side.  If this took off, I could potentially do art more often and have massage be supplemental income.  I like both these ideas.  And although I want to go to grad school in a few years, and these programs would both be about a year (or more for the doula), I'm looking into going off to school again (can't get enough...) next summer or fall (or sooner if I get fed up with this job).  
Idiot story of the century.  I went to the eye doctor yesterday.  I had made this appointment on Monday, the 13th of July.  Upon my arrival, I was informed that my appointment was for Thursday the 9th of July.  Yes.  The receptionist made my appointment for a date in the past.  What did they do to rectify this situation?  Nothing.  Didn't even really apologize.  So don't go to Twin Lakes Eye Care in Roseville on County Road C.  Ok?  NEVER.  How's that for advertisement?  The sad part is is that I REALLY need new contacts and just got this funky insurance that doesn't work most places.  Ooofta. 

I get to babysit the munchkins tomorrow--so excited!


  1. I know from experience that you would make a GREAT doula and think you should explore this option for sure! and I think you can get paid as a massage therapist just as much as any other mundane hourly why not! You'd have really soft hands and buff arms =)

  2. I think both those career ideas are a good fit for you : ) Here is the plan. We will be doula business partners. Then I will pay you on the side to be my personal massage therapist!! Deal? Ok. We will shake on it tomorrow.... WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN! I can't wait : )

  3. I know that my OBGYN would let you watch a birth or two! Let me know if you want to meet her!

  4. OH! and pregnancy massage! What could you and Adina name your business?