Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snorkel Dorkel

I went snorkeling.  'But,' you might say, 'you can't swim!'  To which I would reply, 'this is why they have floaty belts...duh.'
Mom & I got to go on the Four Winds catamaran on an afternoon cruise to Molokini (little volcanic crescent of land off Maui with lots of fishies).  Except the wind was so high that we didn't get to Molokini (frown face) and ended up going to a little cove right off the highway.  Sounds super ghetto, right?  Well, it really wasn't.  I was disappointed in not going to Molokini cause on that trip you get to see sea turtles (frown face again) BUT we did get to swim with the fishes and see all the beautiful coral.  I LOVED the floaty belt and flippers.  I was really kind of scared to jump off the boat cause, well, it's the ocean on a windy day, I can't really swim, etc etc.  But once we got in, we didn't want to come back.  It was so much fun to just float on top of the water and watch the fish swim inches away from your hands and face!  There were some big colorful fish and some itsy bitsy ones.  I felt like I was in Finding Nemo.  The ocean is SO beautiful and huge from underneath the surface!  And I SWEAR I saw a fish with arms....

After snorkeling, I had the BEST ice cream ever near the docks at this little place, Hula Cookies.  It was a Hawaiian coconut pudding ice cream.  Holy moly.

I had to work up until my departure day, so things were a bit hectic in leaving, but I left.  Hawaii has been really fun but I don't think I've ever been this ready to get HOME.  It's a long flight and lots of time zones and I'm missing out on sleeping right now cause really, how can you sleep on a plane?  And the movies were Monsters vs Aliens and Dragonball??  Who chose those?  So I really TRIED to sleep...  I'm in Denver right now taking full advantage of free wi-fi (I love you Denver) and will be departing shortly for MSP.  Love it.  

PS Random thought of the day.  I was watching MJ's memorial, and when his daughter said what she did, I just started bawling.  It's hard to believe a man loved so much by those close to him did anything harmful to other kids.  I really think he just never grew up...and society can't handle a grown up being best friends with children.  What was deemed inappropriate might not have been illegal.  Know what I'm saying?  Alright that's all, see you all soon!

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  1. I know...I have a hard time believing all the things society has blamed him for. He was definately excentric and did wacko things (like having a doctor knocking him out so he could pass the day away) but I don't see him being so malicious and nasty like that.

    COCONUT PUDDING! I want some!

    I'm so glad you're home.