Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prairie Dogs and ABBA

Lubbock has been a pleasant surprise.  I've enjoyed my time here, which I must mention, is mostly because the food I've eaten here has been AMAZING.  2322 at the Overton is an AMAZING restaurant.  Thankfully this is where I've been "forced" to eat most of the time I've been here.  Can't complain!  I also had really good sushi at Hayashi, a new hibachi grill in Lubbock.  We had our own little room where we sat on the floor...and I was in a skirt...but thank goodness there was a drop down ledge for our legs.  It was super cute and really good! 

I've had 3 HBO channels while here.  Woah.  I know, I've been spoiled.  I've gotten a taste for True Blood and Hung, both promising shows.  Also, how wonderful to work out while watching a movie with no commercials!  The only drawback is that the movies play quite a bit.  For this reason I have seen Mama Mia 1 1/2 times.  All I have to say is that it might be the worst movie ever made.  If you're casting a musical, get people that can sing.  Ugh.  Although the two youngings, Amanda Seyfried and the guy from History Boys can actually sing pretty well, so well done them!  Ok my peace is said.  Because of this overload of crap, I always have ABBA songs stuck in my head!  So that it wasn't stuck in my head with Pierce Brosnan's sad excuse for an attempt at a melody, I downloaded the best of ABBA and have been listening non-stop.  Not a bad thing ;-)  
Yesterday was the only day that I've actually explored Lubbock.  The campus is really beautiful.  And I would have pictures if there was a place for visitors to park for free... fascists.  I went to Prairie Dog Town, which turned out to be the corner of a park off the highway with a 2 foot stone wall around a 100 yd enclosure.  There were prairie dogs EVERYWHERE.  Unfortunately they didn't want to cuddle....but it was quite entertaining making noises at them and watching them pop up and do their prairie dog thang.  I also went to the Buddy Holly Center and the art center here where they had a couple local artists' shows up.  I'm glad I went but nothing too amazing.  Texas has been pretty good to me.  Although I'm kind of over being called a "yankee" and getting made fun of.  C'mon guys, I don't call you hicks to your face... North, here I come!

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  1. I can't sit in those rooms without the cut out floor...I'm glad you had a good time!

    I'm having fun picturing you making sounds at prairie dogs =)