Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18 - 8 Hours

Thursday - The past few days I've been driving around Iowa, Illinois & Indiana looking at MFA programs.  The experience was incredibly valuable and has filled me with even more excitement to get this show on the road.  I got home earlier than planned and so had a day off at home today which led me to spend almost all day in the studio.  So happy/tired/excited.  Going to the non-art bill-paying job tomorrow morning is going to be that much harder.

Soundtrack - Neko Case (Middle Cyclone), Al Green (I'm Still in Love With You), Heartless Bastards (Arrow), Phantogram (Eyelid Movies & Nightlife), Beach House (Bloom), Lord Huron (Lonesome Dreams) 

Piece(s) worked on - Eric; Lindsay; Sydnee.  I finished Eric (and love it) and worked more (again) on Lindsay.  I didn't have the fleshy glow right in her portrait and I think I finally did get it tonight.  Pictures coming once the paint is dry.

Eric - done!
So happy with how this bit worked!!

So many canvases to make & prime:

Also got a good 1st figure layer on Sydnee's piece done.  

Sydnee in her place - running around Lake of the Isles

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