Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bill Clinton

They gave us a class in training about how teaching adults is going to be a challenge because adults aren't used to learning anymore. I figured, yes, that would be difficult, but they are working in a hotel, they should know technology at least, so it won't be that hard... Well that was until I met Dorothy. Dorothy's on social security so she can't work too much. She does night audit sometimes. She is not comfortable with computers. It is VERY tough training her. But just about as tough as training the lady who has NO common sense whatsoever. Kind of a toss up. Dorothy is one of those older women that shakes a little bit and mumbles to herself in her quiet old lady voice. I was getting the ladies to choose a name in the computer to make a reservation for and getting quite frustrated on how long it was taking them when I heard Dorothy say in her little voice: "Somebody's got my Sponge Bob!" and I just lost it. I almost had to leave the room I couldn't hold in my laughter. Possibly you had to be there? But regardless...people are hilarious...even if they can be frustrating at times.

The amount of times I hear Bransonites say "them people" instead of a simple correct "they" is astounding. I guess these people aren't aware of how ignorant bad grammar makes you sound.

The General Manager here is a doll. He's really wonderful. And, as pointed out by my lead yesterday, he sounds EXACTLY like Bill Clinton. It's quite hilarious. He doesn't look anything like him, and he is charming in his own way, but is in no way sleezy. He just sounds 100% like him.

Today I'm feeling a bit better from my antibiotics but I'm having violent coughing attacks. It's not fun...but at least I can tell I'm on the mend.


  1. Remember when we saw Turin Brakes in the Ascott Room? *sigh*

    Glad to hear you are on the mend! I got a really cute new scarf and I want you to see it. What days will you be home in April??? I want to be sure I have no plans....

  2. I am glad you are better and wish i could see you!

  3. are you using fake names for these people? Sorry, just an overprotective sister looking out for you =)

  4. Nah, but my employer info isn't here :-)