Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Chapter

I have just arrived in Maryland where I will spend the next 11 days training for a new job.  I'm excited, but also nervous about this new chapter in life.  I had an outrageous bout with the flu the past few days, and no one likes to be away from home when they're sick...I'm thinking any dreadful feelings I'm experiencing are probably from that.  I'm already missing my friends, family and kitty so much!  The main thought going through my mind is that I hope I make it without breaking down too much.


  1. You will make it! Once you are over this sickness for good, I know you will be feeling more optimistic about everything. I have been thinking about you constantly, have you felt it? : ) You will have to write a new post every day so I can follow along with how your training is going. See you when you get home! Love you darling.

  2. So... through some facebook jumping, I read on Katrina's page that you will only be home for one day? Then off to Missouri! Yikes. I would love to see you of course, but if you are super busy I will definitely understand. If you have more cleaning or something I could help! Maybe even do your dishes : )