Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ok, here we go. Update.  I'm currently learning that things aren't as they seem.  That all companies are disorganized and dishonest.  That all things look better than what they are.  With this new job, I was told I would be traveling 90% of the time...but on the average home every couple of weeks for a couple of days. Also, I was told that I'd have health insurance on day one.  Now, things are different.  I found out that we could be away from home for months at a time, and now the coverage doesn't start until 90 days after.  Also, when we're at a site training, we'll be completely alone.  I'm trying to take all these things in without completely breaking down and quitting.  Reality is, there have been many tears, and not much optimism.  I know myself, and I know that this is how I deal with things.  I also know that it will get better than what things are right now.  But as of now, it's bleak.  I'm lonely.  And that's the truth.  

I'll be home for a day next weekend, but I have my old apartment to clean still and more packing to do, then I'm off to Branson, MO, for a while as the plan goes.  

I miss my loved ones.  Thank you so much for those who have been putting up with my sobbing phone calls and emailing/facebooking me.  I'm going to DC with a couple girls this weekend so I'll update this then.  Love and miss!


  1. Your loved ones miss you like crazy! Sorry I didn't catch you last night, but I think the voicemails say enough : ) That is so ridiculous about the health insurance... and the months away at a time.... and the being alone for the majority of the time. But you are a strong lady, and as you said - you know yourself. You will be able to turn the whole situation into a more positive experience if you decide that it is the right thing for you right now. Have a blast in DC! I hope it helps make the whole situation seem brighter : ) Still thinking of you and missing you and loving you from home!!

  2. Hi. Ditto to everything Adina said. She took the words right out of my mouth :)
    I love you. And just wrote on your facebook wall-- apparently I am out of the loop on how shitty this gig is going. But don't worry... my facebook stalking skills will bring me right back into it :)
    Miss you.

  3. I think you're right about the jerks in business. The key is to finding that one nice person that works there and bonding with them. And try to stay positive in all of this shite...if the jerks see bitterness, they'll be all over you and you'll never get a break. I've learned that the hard way. Me? Have attitude? no way! =) Love you!

  4. Keep pressing, you'll find your stride with this whole thing.