Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take the Pain Killer

So I finally dragged my butt to urgent care.  I spent the last week thinking that I just had a cold and doing the mind over matter trick that Matt taught me: I'm not really sick, I'm not really sick... I spent my amount per diem for food on liquids and was sucking on cough drops until my mouth hurt...ugh.  I've spent much on medications trying to figure it out, but I just couldn't shake it.  So I went to urgent care today and after about 3 minutes the doctor was sure I had Bronchitis and Strep Throat.  Which explains a few things, I guess.  I'm just thankful that I actually went!  I don't know how much will be covered by the little insurance that I thankfully got a week ago, but hopefully it'll be some!  So now I'm on expensive cough syrup and antibiotics which are supposed to start knocking this baby out soon!  I can't believe I taught 2 days with this illness!  And day 3 is tomorrow.  I refuse to take a sick day, which might be foolish at this point, but I only have 5 per year, so I'll use them when I'm home!  

This weekend was supposed to be me and Katie taking Branson by storm!  But for better or worse, we're here for 2 more weeks, and the GM actually said he might be able to get us a free ticket or two to a show!  So there's plenty of time for fun and games...haha.  I spent the past two days watching Lost online.  I've never watched it before and I've been told I'd get hooked.  Well, I'm 13 episodes in, and hooked.  

2 huge Branson disappointments manifested themselves in meals on Thursday and Friday.  Thursday, we went to Dick Clark's American Bandstand Diner, which by name is so promising of kitsch and glamour.  The neon Dick Clark face alone is so impressive.  The food was terrible, my burger was actually crunchy.  The atmosphere was...well...boring, unfortunately.  The only thing that was unique about this diner from a Perkins was that they had reruns of American Bandstand playing around the restaurant.  This was somewhat entertaining for sure, just to watch those fashions from 1950-80 and the dancing was pretty hilarious.  Second, for dinner on Friday, we decided to go to some seedy looking Italian restaurant called Rocky's.  I figured it would be good to try something "local."  Not the case.  Not only were the salad and bread actually bad (how hard is it?!) but their "world famous" sauce was most likely Prego.  It was just sad.  I hate when chains have better food than the hole in the wall places.  But, I need to keep in mind that it all goes with the territory.  Two ladies at the table nearby pronounced Chianti "Chee-yan-ta."


  1. WOW!!! Please take care of yourself hun. Good thing you are not here, I don't even think they have an Urgent Care in this town! If you noticed, I have not taken or posted 1 single picture... There is nothing to take a picture of =( I hope you get better and go see some cool shows and find some good food! Kisses!

  2. Awww! Steph!! You poor baby!! You need to be up and running by Columbia time I know that much!! Feel better! I leave Wednesday and I can't wait! You girls have stories and I got nothin! I went to church today and have not left the house since! So exciting right?!! Have fun! See you soon!

    P.S. That's not how you pronounce it????? lol

  3. I just love how that wine has become such a part of Micros life. Catchphrase and all...and of course we girls knew how to spell it :-)

  4. I want to scoop you up from Branson and bring you home. And lock you in my closet so you are available to me 24/7. Don't worry, I will feed you. I miss you so so so so so so so so so so so so so much it is not even funny. :(