Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kahekili Highway

Saturday was spent lounging and reading on my lovely balcony listening to the wind through the trees and using the ocean as my backdrop.  Saturday night I went to Lahaina again to the closest movie theatre (yes, I'm in Hawaii and I'm going to the movies, deal with it) to see Land of the Lost.  It was a cute campy movie, and although not as good as I had hoped, it was exactly what would be expected from previews and Will Ferrell.  Going back to Lahaina gave me the chance to walk around the Front Street shops more, people watch, and see the Banyan Tree (which covers over 200 feet!) again and get some decent pictures:
Sunday was the day for adventure!  Lyle, Deanne and I got into the Jeep, took off the hard top (oh yeah, driving in style) and headed NE on the Kahekili Highway.  It's a road that goes along the coast from the area I'm in, Kapalua, down to the most major city part of Maui, Kahului.  It started out a 2 lane road with stops on the side where you could pull over and gaze at the cliffs/ocean.  After a few miles, however, the signs that said "narrow road" weren't kidding.  It turned into a one lane road with barely enough room for a car to pull over if another was coming.  At some points, Lyle was driving 10 mph around the curves laying on the horn so on-coming traffic would know we were there!  We could definitely tell who were the locals as they zipped around corners!  We took it slow, and near the area where the picture below was taken, there was the tiniest little village with a church and a few buildings where I'm sure people live, but not much else!  It was so secluded, so peaceful!  And those cliffs!  The drive was a nail-biter, that's for sure, but so worth it!  Even when we drove by "beware of falling rock" signs and laughed too soon, as some little pieces fell through the top of the Jeep and onto Deanne!  One thing is for sure: it was a dangerous drive, but we were warned! :-)
Once we reached the town of Kahului, we continued on into the trees to IAO State Park.  This place was so remote feeling although it was just 10 minutes or so off the major freeway.  The fog was coming in over the hilltops and it was so green and lush I had to remind myself where I was.  At certain points of the drive, we could've sworn we were transported to Ireland by how green and hilly it is!  Then you see that aqua blue ocean and are brought back to Maui.  It truly is a place of tranquil beauty!

Sunday night I took a walk down to the Ritz-Carlton and walked along their manicured beach paths down to the public beach at sunset.  Of course, my sunset walk on the beach was not romantic, but in fact, it rained on me...wompwompwomp Debbie Downer indeed.  BUT the silver lining is that I got to see this beautiful full rainbow!  (As I trudged back to my villa like a wet dog :-P)
And now I'm back to work, the 9-5 grind.  We're training this week in a super small and over crowded room which gets super frustrating.  But I've been working out every day, and am so excited/proud that I'm able to run a mile without dying now.  I'm a little late in the game for that, but yes, at 23, I'm FINALLY getting in shape!  After work, exercise, shower and cooking dinner, the night is almost over.  And I thought I'd be bored here!  Hopefully this weekend will include more adventures, possibly even an attempt at the Road to Hana which is basically the trip we did this past weekend, but twice as long and it includes waterfalls :-)  

Last thought on Hawaii.  Spam is disgusting.  While the pineapple is great and cheap here, the rest of the food I've experienced is not fantastic.  Although I haven't tried sushi yet...I will!

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