Friday, June 19, 2009


Things I'm excited about:
  • Away We Go - Yes, I'm saddened that Hawaii does not feel the need to play this moive. However, I'm quite excited to go see it with Kat (and possibly Adina) when I get home! It looks absolutely fantastic and wonderful and hilarious. Plus I love Sam Mendes' movies...and I'm certain that this one will be another stellar story.
  • Finishing LOST. I started watching Season 2 again (its been a couple months snice I started it) and now feel like I'm using as once I start, I can't stop and then I can't sleep after because I'm too excited.
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I'm home when this comes out. Enough said.
  • I'm starting a series of ink drawings based on the new Decemberists album. The images in my head are freaking sweet.
  • The movie Where the Wild Things Are. I remember loving this book like everyone else, but the reason I'm excited about this movie is that it has such an independent feel to it. I think it will be our generations' Labrynth (minus David Bowie, sadly). The movie looks perfectly done.
  • All the new music that I have that I haven't even really dove into (because of LOST, I think) but that I already love. Among them: Neko Case, My Brightest Diamond, Phoenix, Camera Obscura and Grizzly Bear. All great albums that I need more time with. Yay.
  • I'll be home in 3 weeks. While I'm home I'll be spending time with the babies, the animals, doing a crazy photoshoot with Syd (hopefully!), going to Katie's beautiful wedding, spending time with sister, friends and boyfriend, going to Target again (this island doesn't have, and of course giving MN some lovin. Let the countdown begin.

Things I'm sad I missed/will miss:

  • Bonaroo. Looking at the pictures, I realized how much I enjoy those hippie fests and how much I really want to go to this one day. And then a body was found dead as they were cleaning up, which is sad. BUT I still want to go.
  • Rock the Garden. Especially with this new found obsession with the Decemberists' Hazards of Love I can't believe I'm going to miss this! I'm actually really angry...and everyone who is going MUST take video and send it to me. Got it?
  • Rufus Wainwright and his sister Martha (another singer/songwriter that I love) and more of that musical family will be having a concert in London's Royal Albert Hall (yes, the place noted in "A Day in the Life" by the Beatles) on December 9th. I want to go. I have a feeling that since I'm spending this year saving, paying off loans, and trying to be home as much as possible I will not be able to justify the plane ticket. I want to go. I want to go. I want to go.


  1. Because my Neon is a piece (which you can relate to!), my radio is completely caput. Therefore, I've got nothing but the thoughts in my head when I'm driving...and dreamed some pretty silly and pretty big dreams this afternoon about our photoshoot. I'm so excited to have made it on your blog ;)
    And I'm psyched to see "Away We Go" as well! And WTF is right- there's no Target in Hawaii? LAMEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD.

  2. I'm still laughing picturing David Bowie in Where the Wild Things are dressed in pjs with little horns on his head.

    Damn straight you're home for Harry Potter, seriously...geek fest here we come!

  3. I am excited about a lot of the same things as you. But mostly the part about you coming home! I keep seeing ads and movie posters for Away We Go. And I can't wait for Where the Wild Things Are. Totally wish you could have been at Rock the Garden! You could have been sitting by me instead of this terrible girl blowing cigarette smoke in my face all evening. THEN at the end of the evening I saw a camera light and I turned and she was taking a picture of my face from like... a foot away. What the heck. Anyways, I wish you could have been there. I managed to take some pics with my dead camera, but no video footage : ( I would love to see your drawings!! You will have to show me when you get home. We should definitely go to Target together when you are home, ok? My best Target trips always include you. Ready, set, countdown!!! 3 weeks. Ok.

    I love you.