Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lubbock, TX

If there's anywhere in the world I am absolutely not going to fit would be Texas. Lubbock is the home to Texas Tech University. Apparently this is the 2nd biggest university campus in our country (losing only to the Air Force which counts its runway as square footage - a fact any Lubbockian is very quick to point out). I'm here in the summer which means two things: (a) The town is empty, and (b) It's HOT. The great thing about this state, however, is that their air conditioners seem to be colder and more efficient than any other air conditioners in the world. The site I'm working at is brand spanking new. I cannot tell you how awesome it is to be in a hotel and be the first person to ever sleep on that matress and those sheets. The downside is that they're still finalizing rooms, which means, at this point, I have no TV... (not a huge deal as long as I have it by Monday for the Bachelorette finale, know what I mean? lol) I'm only here for a week doing support, so there's no stress, and I'm able to kind of just relax and enjoy this place. . . .

While driving around Lubbock, it's not hard to find places that look very run-down, and, dare I label them, ghetto. One such place is where I ate tonight. Choochai Thai (god I love names that rhyme). The streets in Lubbock are numbered, the avenues are letters (so yes: Ave P, Ave Q, so on so forth) this little gem is hidden on 19th Street, overshadowed by a burrito place that looks shadier than a closed Denny's. And, I'm not going to lie, Choochai doesn't look much fancier... However. This place had fantastic service and really wonderfully authentic Thai food. Have I ever been to Thailand? No... So, fine, I'm no expert, but this place was REALLY good. I had pork wontons, yellow chicken, rice, beef & vegetables, and some sticky rice with custard for dessert. Am I turning into a heffer because I'm in Texas? Maybe. But the portions were relatively small, so don't judge me just yet. If ever in Lubbock, go to Choochai.

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  1. Is Lubbockian the correct term? I would love it if they introduced themselves as such.