Thursday, August 11, 2011

From sketches...

Here are some in progress shots. They might be finished, not so sure yet!
Above is the first one that I started (on Tuesday), based on the meat poster found here. It satisfies the emotional need for purpose. I'm a little peeved at how the lettering turned out as my pen was runny and I just went with it, smudges and all. No turning back with gouache...

This second one is based on the emotional need to belong. I actually saw a dog sitting patiently for its master with its leash in its mouth in Buenos Aires. It's not uncommon to see such well behaved dogs here.

Last but not least, the need for protection and security. When an animal bares its teeth, it is telling you to back off. No necessary violence may come next, but this warning is an instinct for self-preservation.

So THIS is what 3 days of work feels like.

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