Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something to get us started...

Between to lungs it was released
The breath that carried me
The sigh that blew me forward
Because it was trapped, trapped between two lungs

The breath that passed from you to me
It flew between us as we slept
Slipped from your mouth into mine it crept

Gone are the days of begging, the days of theft
No more gasping for a breath
The air filled me head to toe
And I can see the ground far below
I have this breath and I hold it tight
And I keep it in my chest with all my might
I pray to God this breath will last as it pushes past my lips

I've been wanting to illustrate Florence and the Machine's Between Two Lungs since I heard it. It's so full of imagery. So. Sitting here in La Plata, waiting for some inspiration (which I believe I now have - more on that later), I decided to do it. It's not exactly what I had originally imagined, but what ever is?

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