Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Residencia Corazon

I arrived on Monday to the city of La Plata and, specifically, the Residencia Corazon. This is the entry into the facility, and the gallery:
And the kitchen...this kettle gets used many times throughout the day/night. Note the beautiful mate gourd on the counter that Laura got me :) The mate drinking tradition is a warm thing about Argentina, that along with greeting with a kiss on the cheek, I love. Everyone passes the mate gourd and takes a drink. It's a social tea activity. Beautiful.
And the studio area. To the right is the entrance to the very cute patio - which, I would totally use if it wasn't freezing.
Now with this visual tour, you can imagine me sitting at this bench, with a cup of tea, drawing my heart out. Right?


  1. Love the checkerboard tile floor...and the studio area is neat!! What an awesome experience!

  2. It's adorable! Looks better in daylight, though I loved my nighttime tour.