Saturday, March 14, 2009


For the evening plans, all of us folk ventured the 20 or so miles to Baltimore.  My first thought was: thank God, a city.  I could see old buildings and lights!  It's a very pretty city at night (can't wait to see it in the day) and although it was pretty cold, we braved it to the Power Plant area. We went to Luckies Tavern at Power Plant Live for dinner/drinks (pictured below).  It was an interesting venue, definitely set up for live music but there was none unfortunately.  The food was fantastic.  I had the best crab cakes I've ever had (I haven't had many, but still, the fish was goood) and a grilled provolone/prosciutto sandwich paired with a Sam Adams.  Quite delish, I do say!  It wasn't too expensive either.  The bad views of Baltimore came as the night went on and we went to Mex and Mosiac.  The clubs themselves weren't bad.  I'm definitely not a club person, but the music was good and the atmosphere was pretty good as well.  The cover charges were obscene for it, however.  I understand if you're in a big city for a nice club paying $10 to get in.  For Mosiac? Not worth it. At all.  The amount of trashily clad women dancing around (on poles, yes) and women apparently with no clothing at all, just some paint (sorry no pictures) was pretty ridiculous.  I also saw that the midriff top paired with tight high waisted jeans is back in style in Baltimore.  Tsk tsk, ladies.  It was an enjoyable night and definitely good to experience the Baltimore nightlife, but I'm excited to see the better less trashy side of the city during the day.  


  1. So the rats of Baltimore come out at night? : ) That sounds like a pretty fascinating evening! I like the pictures - need more. I almost peed my pants when I saw Nicole's Rufie comment on my post! : ) I totally loved it.

  2. The midriff top and high waisted jeans never went out of style in Baltimore =)

    I'm glad you're getting some good food, and definately enjoy the fish while in a location like Maryland. The pictures are cool, too!

  3. Hey... sorry it took forever to check up, but i have been busy studying for a lame test... teacher test. urg. it's amazing how you realize how important friendships and family is when you are away and feel truly lonely. that was me for the longest time... although, don't eat when you're sad like i did... it's a BAD idear. No clue if branson is close.. i don't think so. i will be leaving for mn from the 20th to the 25th... then back in mn for a 4 weeks not including the weekend for training. YAY! do let me know when you are in ne though!!! i'll take you out to ne's finest.