Sunday, March 22, 2009


Thank GOD we got let out of training class early on Friday.  When we arrived at the airport 3 hours early for flights, I tried checking in and they said my first flight to Chicago was going to be delayed so much that I'd miss my connecting flight home and basically I'd be SOL until Saturday night to go home.  I panicked.  Bad.  The lady found an alternate Chicago flight to which I had to sprint to, all the while shaking.  It took me almost that entire first flight to finally calm down.  I just could not stand the thought of not going home.  So thankfully, after a 3 hour layover in O'Hare, I finally got on my flight to Minneapolis.  Of course, in the middle seat.  I had a husky guy with chewing tobacco on my left and an old smelly woman on my right.  The lady had white cream in her nostrils and felt it imperative to inform me that she's not "foaming at the nose...I have problems with my ears so I put Burt's Bees hand salve in my nose!"  To which I pulled a Kristy and said to my self: OMG WTF.  It was a terrible flight, but it got me home, which is all that really mattered to me!  

Seeing everyone was fantastic.  The day of Saturday was very busy trying to get things with my apt done, and trying to see as many people as possible.  I saw Adina and Caity in the morning, the whole fam for lunch (in which Cooper informed us how his food is turned to pee, comes out of his penis, and into the toilet.  Priceless), and then Jesse and I started loading things up and bringing them to their new homes.  I forgot how much junk I had sitting around at home.  Jesse and I met up with Lindsay at the 331 for the Spelling Bee she and a couple friends were in.  I was SO grateful that the few people who came did.  We went to Gasthof's for some crazy polka/cover music and some really entertaining dancing from Matt :-)  It was a wonderful day.  Although, my apartment STILL wasn't cleaned out of my junk.  Good thing my flight wasn't until this afternoon!  Jesse and I did a lot of hauling and packing crap into my itsybitsy storage unit.  It was sad leaving everything empty...and saying goodbye to a great roomie/friend.  The hardest part was saying goodbye to everyone yet again!  I think I freaked my cat out (and probably Jesse) by squeezing them way too much.  This 5 week stint is definitely going to be a challenge...

I just landed in Springfield, the TINIEST airport ever, on the TINIEST plane ever (yes, I had my own row...cause there was only 1 seat in the row!) and my Lead Installer is on a delayed flight.  Thank goodness they have free wifi here...and a constantly looping soundtrack of "happy trails to you..."



  1. Oh, how I look forward to your blogs!! It sounds like you had a really busy day, but you got a lot done!! You're gonna make it through these five weeks, and come out a stronger person!! Call or text me whenever you need me, and I'll be there!! :)Happy trails was a sign... you're on your way to happy trails on your lovely adventure!!

  2. I loved Cooper telling Jesse that toys aren't allowed at the table =) I'm glad you have wifi so you can communicate with the outside world...and maybe try the Burts Bees thing when you want to be left alone on your next flight, that is not a bad idea!