Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's been a couple days.  And I process of adjusting.  I have met these girls here  ---> (Kisha and Kristy) who are fantastic and have really helped me get through.  To explain the picture, we were watching America's Next Top Model, and well, posing is what comes natural after that.  Good times :-)

After a chat with Leah, the woman who was an installer at the Radisson and who told me about this job, I'm feeling better about it.  I know now that things get easier and better.  So the plan is to tough it out for a bit.  Get my feet wet but not to go swimming.  The truth is, that I need the money and am in no position to give up without many paychecks first.  Terrible, but true.  I figure that if I can make it 3 months, I can make it 3 more.  After 6, if I can stomach it, I'll do another 6.  After a year, I'll be done.  A year long excursion filled with tears and new cities and experiences.  The positivity doesn't stick when I start thinking about home...but please, please help me by keeping in touch.  And coming to visit :-)


  1. I was very happy to talk to you yesterday my dear! I must say, I am a bit jealous that you have new partners to watch ANTM with : ) I am the only Tyra fan left here now! I just made Belly an appointment to get declawed... It is an overnight thing. Is that how it was with Rufus? I am nervous.
    I love you - and keep posting daily! I need my Stephanie updates. PS - I may or may not have a mix cd waiting for you : )

  2. Keep me updated about where you'll be, and we'll try to get to visit promises, but we'll definately try! I, too, need the constant updates, and I'm glad you're able to chill and watch ANTM =)


  3. Don't worry Steph! I'll come to Branson!! Lol I'm very glad you girls are here as well, and we still have one more Wednesday to enjoy ANTM!! And tell your friend not to worry, her ANTM buddy will be back in no time!!! :) <3