Sunday, June 28, 2009

3.2.1. ZIP AWAY!

Some person some time ago thought it would be a fantastic idea to build a couple platforms on opposite sides of a valley and suspend ropes from either side, put a harness on, and fly from side to side.  I wish I knew this person so I could give them a high five.  That vertical line in the middle of the photo is actually the zip line, I was sitting on the edge of the platform, getting ready to take off.  This specific one is called the widow-maker and you go about 45 mph on this one.  It was AMAZING.  Being that high up and going that wasn't even scared, I was just amazed.  To begin the day, the guides got us all dressed up in sexy helmets and personal-space-invading harnesses.  They weighed us and herded us into a vehicle that made us feel like if we weren't cattle, we were definitely being ushered to a concentration camp.  The guides drove us up into the hills of Kapalua and we went from zip to zip, slowest to fastest.  On the way, we took a few quick hikes and got to see more of the beauty of the hillside.  I can't even describe how much fun I had.  There's something about flying through the air without being attached to a huge metal rollercoaster!  Same flying feeling, but less secure feeling.  Quite the rush.  I wish I could do it again.  Now.

I went to the Maui Aquarium near Kahului, hoping to finally see a dolphin or two!  The website had pictures of sea lions, dolphins, sharks and even whales.  Although, I was sure I wouldn't see a whale, I was really looking forward to the rest. 
 After $25 admission fee, I wandered through the fishes and coral.  Saw the sea turtles, and even some small sharks!  It was really neat seeing the variety, and I couldn't help myself singing "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" cause really, if you're a fish...that's all you do.  Ever.  How boring that must be! walking into the "mammal area" I quickly realized that this was an informative exhibit with no real animals.  Disappointment!  We then walked through the tunnel area...which was about 20 feet long.  So, Underwater World in Minnesota has a more impressive aquarium than Maui.  How shocked I was!!!  Besides the disappointment, it really was nice and fun.  I just need to find another way to see dophins and seal lions!


  1. they HAVE to have some sort of swimming with the dolphins experience on Maui...somewhere near the Ritz or something!

    I am so happy you enjoyed the zip line, that is fantastic! Yay adventure =)

  2. They actually don't have anything with dolphins. I've researched. If I wanted to pay 200 bucks for a cruise to a different island I "MIGHT" see a dolphin. How sad!