Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School

Well, that's the goal anyway.  And the hope.  And the focus of this blog for the next 4 months.  "Woah, 4 months - that's a bit excessive" you say?  No doubt I should have been focusing on it many months ago; maybe I would be feeling a bit more prepared and confident about my applications.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda, etc etc, story of my life.  So here we are, September 3rd.  3 paintings done, 17 to go.  Applications in by December 31st.  Yes, I'm aware this means 17 paintings in less than 4 months.  With collecting my CV, perfecting my artist statement, and figuring our where I'm even applying...well, it's all a bit overwhelming.

I've done what any anxiety-ridden person would do and broke it down: 4 paintings a month; 1 painting a week.  Seems ridiculous with the full time job, friends, family and using oil paints.  But, no matter, I will try.  This blog will keep me accountable and you all (whoever you are -- Mom?  Just you?) can watch me unravel and hopefully succeed.

Check back frequently for updates, there will be updates, and I'll see you in person in 2013!

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