Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 19 & 20 - 0 Hours

Wednesday & Thursday - uhoh.  Long work days and car troubles = no studio time for 2 days.  It's very weird to break routine like this, and I must say I'm feeling more anxious than I have in a while as a direct result.  However, I'm back on track and ready to work extra hard starting tomorrow.

Soundtrack - nothing but the beautiful fall wind.  
Personal note : I love sleeping with the windows open when it starts getting cold; nothing more soothing.

Piece(s) worked on - I finally did see the finished project of a collaboration between myself, my mentor, Alonso Sierralta, and fellow artist and ex-studio-mate, Ahmad Hassan.  It's for the current exhibition at Concordia University highlighting the faculty and one or two of their alumni.  The piece is titled Ipso Facto.  

Front; sculpture by Alonso Sierralta; frame from late local painter Roy Ronyak

Ahmad Hassan's poetry
Dark paintings are hard to photograph..

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