Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 14 - 2 Hours

 Friday - I woke up REALLY early this morning to meet a friend on her running route, which is her space.  It was wonderful to see her mid-run at sunrise on Lake of the Isles and take some great action shots.  After that lovely start to my day, I worked, went to Menards to stock up on 1"x2"s & 1/4 rounds, and headed to the studio.  I was sleeping by 10.

Trying to channel Rembrandt's techniques

Soundtrack - My Brightest Diamond (All Things Will Unwind, Bring Me the Workhorse & A Thousand Sharks Teeth)

Lindsay & I have seen My Brightest Diamond twice and lead singer Shara Worden once together.  It's become our annual(ish) date, and while painting her beautiful self, this was the perfect soundtrack.  Plus, have you listened to how amazing Shara's voice is?  Cause you should.

Piece(s) worked on - Lindsay.  I am very very close to done.  Just fixing some issues I have with the background and clothes.  Feeling gooood!

Closest thing I have to a social life right now.

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