Monday, September 24, 2012

September 23 & 24 - 6 Hours

Sunday & Monday - This weekend turned into less of a paint-a-thon than planned.  Sunday evening, after a lovely walk in Uptown and seeing The Master (highly recommended), I reluctantly trekked to my studio to be productive.  And sometimes...things just don't come naturally or work easily.  Regardless, it's a skill, not a talent (I am utterly convinced of this), that I am willing to work on forever. So, somewhat frustrating productivity wise, but here we are, none-the-less.

Soundtrack - Rufus Wainwright (Out of the Game & Poses), Grizzly Bear (Shields), Fleet Foxes (Fleet Foxes & Helplessness Blues)

Piece(s) worked on - Victor & Laura; Colin.  Keeping on schedule with one painting a week, I finished Victor & Laura last night (Sunday).  I'm still struggling with calling it done (as I do with many pieces) because I still feel there's something that needs to be done with the background.  But, for all intensive purposes, it is a finished piece!

Victor & Laura - Done!
 I started the sketch of Colin's portrait months ago.  It will eventually live next to a portrait of the same size of his lovely wife, Ellen.  Tonight, when I attacked this piece whole-heartedly for the first time, things DID just come together.  I feel like I have a good handle on his face and expression already, which is pretty quick and rare.  Maybe I'm getting better at this painting thing? :)

There's something positively Old Testament-y about this beard.

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