Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 16 - 5 Hours

Sunday - Started my day off with a run (perhaps why I'm so tired today?  Exercise is the worst?), coffee  and adventures with a good friend from out of town, and then hit the studio.  

Soundtrack - As mentioned, was tired, needed dance : Justin Timberlake (Future/Sex/Love/Sound), Kanye West (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), and LCD Soundsystem (This is Happening & LCD Soundsystem) 

Piece(s) worked on - Lindsay.  DONE.  On schedule.  I've gone back and forth so much with the composition of this piece, but I think it's finally where I want it.  That being said, I'll probably change it all in 6 months....  Also, I started putting together the frames I cut yesterday.  It's a process to make new canvases, but I love the process.  Of it all.
I must need a new camera; this picture is awful!
Close-up of t-shirt fabric. I'm so pleased with this!

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