Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5 - 2 Hours

Wednesday - Work -> Studio -> Meditation -> Studio - My studio is thankfully across the street from a wonderful meditation center.  And on a day like today (in a week like this week), it's quite amazing that I could paint for an hour, meditate and learn for 2, and then come back in a more aware state to tackle the task at hand.

Soundtrack - Father John Misty (Fear Fun) and Feist (Let It Die)

Piece(s) worked on - Just Nik today.  I'm still struggling with getting the expression just right.  However, there were moments of triumph today along side the usual throwingpaintbrushonground moments of frustration.  This one is getting quite the thick buildup of paint, which can hopefully been seen by the texture :

At this rate, I'm hoping to finish this weekend (crazytalk, but let's go with it and have some positive thoughts) and boombang onto the next one.  For now, I'm exhausted...  Oh and Nik, you have a very lovely nose.  I'm sorry for never telling you this before.  

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